About MikaRin

MikaRin is a Visionary, Crystal Bowl Sound Artist, Poet, Peace Maker, Mentor and Explorer of sound and consciousness.

She was born in Hiroshima, Japan with the seed of World Peace. Zen and Yoga practice in Himalaya, world peace pilgrimage to the Sacred sites with the Native American Sharman, and commitment to Tenshintaido gives the wealth of wisdom, intuition and spirituality to her sound. MikaRin is leading practitioner of Crystal Bowl Sonic Meditation in Japan.

With over 10 years of experiences, she played in 500 concerts, and giving sound therapy at hospitals, hospices, temples, schools. Her heavenly sound heals not only people, but animals and nature. She also gives the poet reading live performances with Crystal Bowl sound at the Art Museum, and the major events.

She released the first CD 「Memory of Unity」 in 2011.

Her passion is to create and share the Celestial space where one can awake the soul who really are, and Enlightened in the most sacred manner.


MikaRin is now living in Tokyo, Japan.

Born in Hiroshima, Japan.

Graduated from Long Island University in New York.Started working as a photojournalist in NY.

Traditional Noh photographer

After returning to Japan, fascinated by “Noh” (Japanese traditional theater) , works as an assistant photographer for Katsumi Tanaka, a leading Noh photographer, learned Japanese classical literature, culture, and philosophy.


She studied under Masaharu Naruse, one of Japan's leading yoga masters. She practices meditation at the sacred site, Gomukh (the root of the Holy River Ganges) in 4,000m altitude in the Himalayas. He also performs four consecutive hours of inversion (Sirsasana) by the deep state of consciousness meditation.
(she is the photographer for the 1999-2004, Mr. Naruse's Himalayan yoga books)


Start to work at FF Toho at TBS (Major TV Station in Tokyo) in Foreign Press Bureau for 20 years.


Private Session Interpreter for psychics, top-class healers from all over the world.
Started to visit and give a peace prayer at the sacred site in the world with Marilyn Youngbird, a Native American Medicine Woman, who was an adviser of former US President Carter, and a Leader of Rituals and Healings such as Sweat Lodge, 

Vision Quest.

She was invited to visit the Berthold Indian Reservation in North Dakota and prayed though the sound healing in 2017.

Crystal Bowl

She started to perform concerts across the country form 2008.


A member of Tenshinkai, Aoki Method Meditation College.
“The sound of Oneness, the sound of grace gives the power and joy of life for people“.quoted Master Aoki. Her spirituality and performance are highly appreciated by Master Aoki.

Based on Esoteric, Tantric, Shamanic training, leaning from various masters around the world for 35 years, now she shares the wisdom and experiences though the sound, the poem, the art, lectures, and being as she is.


Mail: Mikarineden@gmail.com

FB: https://www.facebook.com/tsuzumi.mika