Healing Gaia Picture book ガイアの癒しの絵本サイト


Healing Gaia This story talks about "How to heal Gaia", a wisdom teaching I received directly from Gaia, the Spirit of Earth, in 2006.It came to me during a Native American rites of passage called the Vision Quest. In a time of ruthless destruction of our beautiful Mother Nature by the insatiable greed of millions of people, we may say that we are close to reaching the critical point. Such circumstances drags us into believing that we are powerless beings, leading us to abandon our responsibility to take action. This message from Healing Gaia touches the hearts of those lost souls, reminding us of the power of each individual and the power of our creative imagination that can transform everything. We could use the power of our imagination to envision and create a beautiful Gaia in our hearts everyday. In doing this, we come to realize that Gaia is life itself, not an object, and that we cannot live without it. Then, we awaken to the fact that we are given the mission to protect and preserve our Gaia. After the Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011, many Japanese people were crushed by a sense of helplessness by the overwhelming disaster. It was during those times of great despair that a group of Japanese women stood up with this vision of "How to Heal Gaia".They actively applied the principles into their daily lives, starting with what they can do on a daily basis, and eventually healed themselves and regained the power to stand up again and regenerate.This process cultivated a strong awareness in them to care for our Mother Earth, and brought drastic change to their own lives to live out those principles. If kindergarten and elementary school students were given the opportunity to know about "How to Heal Gaia", it would cultivate their ability to love and care for Gaia. If they could learn how to trust themselves and their potentials, they would become agents for creating positive change for the future of Gaia. This is Gaia's wish, shared and delivered to you through this little booklet, "Healing Gaia". Healing Gaia 

この絵本Healing Gaiaで語られる「地球を癒す方法」は2006年にガイア(地球のスピリット)から直接授けられたものです。アメリカ先住民の儀式、ヴィジョンクエスト中のことです。 人々の心に、ひとりの力、ひとりの想像力がどれほど強力で全てを変容させることが出来るのかを教えてくれたのがこのHealing Gaiaのメッセージです。 私たちが日々、地球を想い、美しい地球を心の中で創造していく。そうすることで、地球は物ではなく命であること、私たちは地球なくしては生きれないこと、私たちが地球を守る役割を与えられていること、そして、地球は自分自身であることに気がつくでしょう。 そんな願いが込められた、地球からのメッセージ。 このメッセージがあなたのもとへ、そしてあなたの大切な人のもとへと届けられ、愛にあふれる地球が未来の子供達への贈り物となることを切に願っています。

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